Thursday, 9 June 2016

gym talk - how to stay positive when you're injured

If you know me (and I hope you do now, my little blog is almost a year old!) then you know that I love fitness. Ballet is one of my true loves, I could talk about dance all day. It's something I've always been in love with, I wrote a little post about it here. Going to the gym is something I look forward to all day at work, it's me time where I can listen to music, zone out and get stuff done. I try to take really good care of my body, but sometimes injuries happen that are unavoidable. One of the most important things is to not let it get you down, or set you back but to see it as an opportunity. I've had trouble with my right knee for a little over a year. Last May a very over ambitious gand jete landed me with a torn ACL. Undertreated and forgotten about, I naively thought it had healed. Ligaments don't heal, the muscles have to strengthen up around it, to support it! Well some heels and a cobbled road later and it's now torn even more. While I'm hobbling along and waiting to see an MSK specialist, I'm left unable to dance and unable to put any weight on my knee.
So what does that mean? Abs and upper body!!! Yes I have to be super careful with my knee, but I can tailor my workouts to focus on other parts of my body whilst isolating my leg and leaving it out of the action. This has given me a super great opportunity to focus on some really killer ab routines, that are all matt and none impacting on my lower half. I can also focus on absolutely killing it with my arms and back.
Staying positive is so important because your mental focus and happiness can deteriorate when you're injured. Making the best of a bad situation can play to your advantage if you get creative. Instead of thinking of what you can't do, try and focus on what you can do and how to create goals. I never really dedicate a full workout to my abs, I tag them onto legs/glutes/upper body workouts. Or fit them into a full body workout. I also am super excited for the new GymShark stock to come in next week, and I'll be treating myself to a new workout piece to motivate me even more. Treating yourself to combat the blues and putting all the negative energy into focusing on what you are still so capable of doing will help get you out of any down period and injury you're having.
If you've had any injuries recently or just love the gym and working out in general and want to focus your attention of a different workout let me know! We can go on our new routine journeys together.

Friday, 27 May 2016

adult ballet, an amazing way to keep fit

Anyone who knows me will know I have a passion for dance, particularly ballet. For as long as I remember I've always loved ballet, I've loved going to the theatre to watch performances and I remember being a little girl and dragging a very tatty Angelina Ballerina doll around with me. Struggling with anxiety even as a small child, I was ever allowed to do ballet despite begging for lessons, because all the other activities I did as a child was severely hindered by my panic attacks. As an adult (sort of) I can totally understand and reason with why I was never given the opportunity to take lessons, I would often miss other commitments and performances or exams because of how anxious I was. As an adult with a full handle on my anxiety, it's a different story! My University had a ballet society so I leaped (ballet pun, don't you love it?) at the chance to finally fulfil my dreams of being a twirling graceful ballerina.
Achieving that dream is a lot harder than a lot of people, myself included, would initially think. Blood, sweat, tears, torn ligaments and many many bruises and hours of frustration go into even being able to call myself 'an okayish amateur dancer'. It takes a lot of effort and skills and time to look even a fraction as graceful as the Ballet dancers you go and watch on stage. It takes toned muscles, a tight core, strong joints and very keen and sharp mind... but it's addictive. I have never felt as alive as when I dance. My first couru en pointe across the studio floor was exhilarating. Landing a somewhat decent grand jete gives me wide eyes and a racing heart and I just want to keep going and going and going.
I dance with a lot of beautiful and talented people whom I'm lucky to take classes with, some of them have taken classes since they were little girls, some are a few years into their adult ballet journey like myself, and some are complete beginners. It's an amazing way to get fit, and more and more studios are opening their doors to adult dancers with no prior experience.
It's an amazing way to keep fit, meet some wonderful people and have a hobby that feels so fulfilling and really brings a smile to your face.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

sephora haul

A sneak peak haul! I picked these up on my recent trip to Georgia! I tried to show some restraint and self control, but as you'll see from my upcoming reviews and other mini hauls, by the end of the trip my makeup brain had taken over, thrown caution to the wind and just said 'treat yo self'. 
The sheet masks are a holy grail item for me, I love all of the Sephora collection, I think they're incredibly reasonably priced and really great quality. They smell fantastic and I love the feeling of a sheet as opposed to applying a wet product. 
As a quite new but very determined Too Faced lover, I desperately wanted the Born This Way foundation. I picked up the shade Ivory, a really good match for my skin tone. Keep eyes peeled for a review of my thoughts! But how cute is the pink packaging? I love it!
My first Tarte product! I know right, how dare I call myself a beauty enthusiast? Well now I'm also a Tarte convert. This was a happy accident, I thought I'd picked up their felt liner to try out and see if it matched up against my tried tested and adored Kat Von D Tattoo liner. Well I ended up with a kohl pencil liner because it was put back in the wrong place, and I didn't check. Again I love the packaging! I'm glad I picked up the wrong liner because this is fantastic!
I ran out of moisturiser and so HAD to buy a new one, I know and use First Aid Beauty products, they don't irritate my sensitive skin, smell good and look cute. This was a necessity purchase not an impulse! I did show some signs of sensibility. 
Urban Decay eyeshadow primer is a bit boring, I'd had forgotten to pack an eyeshadow primer. So I had to buy one! Right...?
Lastly one of the store assistants strong armed me into having a Buxom demo- I didn't really have a choice. She tried to persuade my fiance but he ran for the hills! Buxom have really great quality products and I was immediately drawn into the Agave Lip Mask. It's a little pricy and awfully hard to squeeze from the tube, but as a lover of matte lips and a cronic dry lip sufferer this is my saving grace! It came with a free mini lipgloss so bonus!
Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them?

Monday, 18 April 2016

wedding series - scent

Would it surprise you if I told you this was my very first Jo Malone perfume? I know! Me, a self confessed beauty obsessor. When I imagine my wedding the scents are super important to me, I'm heavily motivated by smell. Certain smells bring back memories or remind me of people. My fiance smells like laundry and baby powder, I have so many laundry scented candles at home to remind me of him. 
What I adore about the idea of the Jo Malone colognes is the layering to create your own unique scent. I also love that they make them in candle form, I can burn it on special occasions and be reminded of the wedding.
The English Pear and Freesia smells exactly how I imagine a bride would smell, sweet and pretty and light. It's a very clean scent with floral notes. I'm in love with this!

The lasting power is amazing, three sprays and it lasts all day and lingers a little as you move around. Best of all it's had the seal of approval from my fiance! He loves the smell almost as much as I do. I highly recommend the colognes, they'd make a beautiful gift for a bride or bridesmaid, and are perfect for special occassions.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

going neutral

JACKET new look | SKORT & JUMPER topshop via depop 

I love bargain shopping, don't get me wrong I love a good splurge and will pay for it if I love it, but browsing Depop for bargains? YAS. 
For my Skort and Jumper, both in perfect condition I paid around £16! If anyone is interested I have a few Depop searching tips, and some other bargain shopping tricks under my sleeve.
Over the past months I really started to hate my wardrobe, my clothes just weren't working for me anymore. I wanted a wardrobe that had pieces that really 'worked' - interchangeable pieces that all pretty much went together and I wore often. Is anyone else guilty of buying something and then wearing it once? Or leaving the tags on and regretting your wasted £50 a couple of weeks down the line? 
I love how chic a neutral palette looks, greys, whites and blacks with the occasional navy or khaki piece. 
All of these pieces I can and have worn in other ensembles, they're so effortless and easy to throw on. I think maybe subliminally it's also come from my hair change! Haha perhaps having white hair has transcended into my wardrobe and made me only want to wear neutrals!

Monday, 28 March 2016

mini haul

For the next two weeks I'm in the very beautiful and sunny state of Georgia, soaking in the weather and visiting my fiance. Travelling often is something I've grown used to, it takes quite a while to get to wherever he is which sucks. I don't travel well, the combination of the long tiring hours and being alone spikes my anxiety and wobbles my rails a little. It's holiday time though! Long days away from my desk, time all to myself and of course the all important duty free and US beauty. I haven't yet graced the aisles of Sephora or Ulta but I will be soon, and my bank will be taking a huge hit. Sorry? Nope!
These little bits were grabbed at the airport or were delivered to his house (I had 20% off at Too Faced and The PB&J palette was calling my name). 
Surprisingly this is my first ever Jo Malone perfume. The Duty Free in Heathrow airport had a really cute Jo Malone section, after much sniffing and debating I came away with the English Pear and Freesia 30ml. Layering is quite a big thing with the colognes so that you can master that unique fragrance and really tailor it to suit your style. I would love to build and layer my own scent for my wedding day, so I decided to try this mini and acquire a free of the other smaller ones to try and find a mixture I really love. 
At the Duty Free I also picked up a full size of the They're Real primer- it's hands down amazing. Flawless. Love it. Quite a while ago Elle Magazine had a small sample and as a regular reader I happened upon the mini, and loved it! Used it all up quite quickly actually, and was in need of the full size. I find that it really separates my lashes and gives a beautiful bottom lash definition. Wear it alone or under mascara.
Now onto the rest! Like I said, I had 20% off and some free minis at Too Faced if I placed an online order. Knowing I'd be over in the states very soon, and absolutely loathing their delivery and customs charges I just had my order delivered to my finances house and waited ever so impatiently to get here to see it all. The Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette was my main motivation for my order and I'm not disappointed. I'll post a more in-depth review of it very very soon because it applies like a dream and smells like heaven in chocolate form. The shades are perfect, I won't go into too much detail because I have a post lined up but oh my goodness this is amazing. The Better Than Sex Mascara is always sold out everywhere so I added it to my order- honestly? I don't like it. I find it ugly and lack lustre. I'm so sorry! It's not for me, give me Roller Lash any day. I am going to preserve and try out a few tricks to see if I can get this mascara to work for me, otherwise it's a dudd. My freebies were the super cute little blush (remind anyone of the My Little Pony accessories you could get in the early 2000s? ) a mini Lip Injection lip gloss which BURNS but makes my lips feel very plump! Lastly a mini Better Than Sex mascara, which I'm excited for for my handbag as an emergency but I'm not a huge fan of.
I also might have had a very beautiful handbag waiting for me from Rebecca Minkoff, but that my lovelies absolutely gets its own post so keep eyes peeled for that little hassled goddess!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

being a #GIRLBOSS

If you've ever ventured onto a fashion blog, or like me are a frequent and addicted online shopper then you'll have heard of NasyGal. More than likely if you've heard of NastyGal and love their aesthetic then you'll probably know a little about their back story and the #GIRLBOSS behind it all Sophia Amoruso. In her book #GIRLBOSS she explains his rise to success and the bumps along the way, giving you a really inspiring kick up the butt to go out, work hard and achieve something. It's a fantastic book if you're teetering on the edge of something creative, or about to make a bold step. Do I think the book greatly undersells the skill set that Amoruso has? Yes, but thats something you manage to self identify along the way and realise, yes I'm amazing and want to make all of my goals come true and be literally the Beyonce I was born to be.

If you've visited my blog before you might have seen my post about my Graduate life crisis. Since graduating from University I've been lacking any self belief and self motivation when it comes to my skills, creativity and goals. For a while I've wanted to expand into a creative outlet that could possibly turn into something (one day, hopefully if I nurture it!) that could really help me achieve the goals I have set out for my life.

I'm a massively creative person, I love ballet and devote so much of my free time to it, I love to sew and blogging. Music and youtube are huge passions of mine, being able to make and consume creative outlets is something I live and breathe everyday. Taking the plunge and feeling inspired from actively seeking out this motivation book (it's also really sassy and isn't full of cliche like a lot of typical self-motivating help books which I loved) I've created my own Etsy and Depop shops. For now they are both in their infancy but hopefully with all the love and attention I give them, they will grow into something bigger. I'm so excited and so passionate about this. I want to introduce you to them both!

I've been sewing for as long as I can remember, and being creative for that long too. My Grandmother was a professional seamstress and taught me everything she could because I loved it. Pretty fabrics and trims make me so excited and I start to come up with ideas and patterns for new things on the spot. Not all of them are successful (there was once a very tight AND drapey grey hammered satin grecian style dress that should never be worn or seen by another living soul) but I love how it makes me feel, and hopefully this shows in the things I produce.

My Etsy shop is focused towards Wedding and Lingerie. I will be selling the Lingerie sets I create, Ring Cushions and hand embellished personalised robes! As a budding bride to be I've seen so many things I want to make for my own wedding to personalise it, the robes and ring cushions are the two things I couldn't find for myself in designs and at prices I wanted to pay. So I rectified this!

My Depop is solely for my lingerie creations. Think beautiful lace in rich colours, sexy and girly silhouettes in soft fabrics that are so comfortable to wear, but are also gorgeous on. Exciting isn't it?! YES! 

If you'd like to check my shops out, my depop is @BelleLingerieCo
My Easy shop is The British Belle