Saturday, 29 August 2015

over the knee

BOOTS the tan pair are on sale on Asos!! | JEANS similar distressed jeans | TOP similar top with cute floral trim!

Over the knee boots have always caught my attention, but being kind of short (I'm only 5'2) I never really thought I suited them. Boots that are thigh kind always seemed to swap me, but I absolutely love this pair from London Rebel. I wore this cute little outfit to go for a cute mother-daughter double  brunch date, with my mum, her best friend and her daughter. These boots make me feel sassy, and they look super cute. I've found that because these boots are fitted and slightly slouchy, my legs feel longer. White jeans are a staple in my wardrobe, I'm not much of a trousers kind of girl, but white jeans are a must. Especially in the spring and summer months, white jeans are a classic and classy look! 
This cute little vest has a crochet trim. A crochet trim. If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for detail, pom moms, tassles, crochet... it gets me everytime. I picked this top up, and it cost me the grand sum of one pound. Being thrifty and finding bargains is like a hobby for me, surfing depop and hunting TK Maxx for deals is fun. Who doesn't like saving money! Being a very recent graduate, I'm still in my student state of mind, but it makes sense to me to be smart with my money. I like buying new clothes (as often as possible) so thrift is the way froward. This top came from the car boot. About a 20 minute drive from my house on a Sunday lunchtime there's a very nice little car boot sale. This still had the tags on and was from Hearts and Bows! Woo! 
My necklace of course has my monogram on it, I'm also a sucker for anything monogrammed. Honestly, when I got engaged I was so excited but also a little sad that I'd have to replace all of my monogrammed things because my name will change. 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Wedding Series - 'Wait... you're in a Long Distance Relationship??!'

So I thought I'd follow up my proposal story with a post about what it means to be in an LDR. I often get so many questions, and see so many other posts and Buzzfeeds about being in a Long Distance Relationship and half of them really drive me crazy. I thought an honest and uplifting insight should be shared!
We've been together for two years and we're now engaged (eeeeeeeeee I'm SO excited!) you can read how my fiancé proposed here. We first met while I was studying abroad and dated for 10 months before I moved home. Lucky for us we'd settled into our relationship and knew each other really well. Now that I'm back home it means that we have to travel to see each other, sometimes going months apart. It's not impossible though, and there are so many plus sides to this type of relationship. Here are some things I discovered, and my insights into what it's like, for all you other LDR couples out there.

1. Once you're in one, it seems like everybody else is!
I actually know four other couples who are long distance relationships. Living in different time zones kind of long. One couple is actually my best friend and Big! Like me she's engaged, with a beautiful country style wedding planned for next year. It gives you hope and comfort to know this. Being in an LDR isn't out of the ordinary, or impossible, it's perfectly normal and super possible actually. Chin up buttercup!

2.  Being apart is heartbreaking, but when you're together...
You know how exciting the start of a relationship is? You get butterflies and message each other constantly. Talking to them makes your heart beat really fast, and when you see them you can't stop holding hands and smiling. That's what it's like every time I get to see Mr.P. It's true that being away from each is hard, I cry and miss him always, but the time we spend together is worth it.

3. You will go a little crazy.
A message goes unread, or you don't get a reply for hours (even when you take the time difference into account). There's been times where I've gotten incredibly jealous other something that doesn't even exist. It's easy to loose your mind a little, emotions are in over drive and you're bound to have some doubt. This happens in any relationship though. It's natural and normal, you just need to remember to be open and share your low points with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Communication is so important.

4. Money.
It costs a lot. I worked my butt off this past year while finishing University to be able to save enough to fly out and visit Mr.P. But you get to travel! Hello.... extra vacations! It's something you need to understand and be organised about. Look for cheaper travel options, and plan in advance.

5. Everyone and their dog will have an opinion.
They'll always be right, and you'll always be wrong, biased, or odd. I've come across some nasty comments from people when they've found out about my relationship. I've also had wonderfully supportive friends, family and strangers. Just remember that it's nobodies business but you're own, you have nothing to prove, and nothing to defend. Keep a positive mind and it'll all be okay.

Monday, 24 August 2015

what to wear to work

Way back in July I graduated (finally) from University! Now that summer is over and I see a lot of my friends going back for their last years, and see my Uni's updating their facebook groups it's bittersweet. I would love to do it all again, but now I have the total freedom of taking on my next goals. So while some of my friends get to return to classes and socials, I've only gone and landed myself a job! Cheer with me please, because I'm so excited. Throughout my degree, and this last year especially I put in a lot of hardwork and set myself up for after graduation reasonably well (a blessing of working in a Careers department) and my new job is something I know I really want to do.
This opens up a new type of dressing, work wear... Did you ever watch music videos like this one and imagine what glamorous work look you'd go for? I did for sure.
There's something refreshing about a well put together outfit, with a clean crisp silhouette and an edge of preppy that I love. By this time in a couple of months I'm sure I'll be over the idea of dressing formally and will be crying out for yoga pants and my playsuits, but until then...
Here is my ideal outfit! 
The shoes and necklace are in similar shades of light blue. Powdery softness for the sleek little heels, and a brighter necklace to keep the outfit fun. I really adore these shoes, the heel isn't too high and the pointed toe paired with the T-bar strap is more dressy and work appropriate. Having a soft pastel for the shoes works amazingly with the blush of this gorgeous Topshop pencil skirt. It's simple with an interesting pop of detail at the waist line. Having a soft flowy shirt keeps this comfortable enough to be in all day, with polka dots giving some more detail adding another level of personality to this outfit.
Lastly I can't live without an MK tote to carry around everything I'd need. Then the Lilly Pulitzer agenda... I'm a huge Lilly Pulitzer fan, here in the UK we don't have any stores and it breaks my heart because shipping and customs is just so expensive. I love my Lilly agenda and use it to organise my entire life, I highly recommend using a planner to help you get organised. My Lilly has my monogram on it also because like they say, if it's not moving...monogram it!

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Saturday, 22 August 2015

date night

DRESS some gorgeous alternatives here, here and  | NECKLACE a beautiful alternative choice | SHOES Miss Selfridge sandals | BAG Michael Kors, I love this alternative

Date Night with my fiancé consisted of way too much delicious Indian food- I was SO stuffed when we stopped to snap these pictures. A really great movie, if you like semi-scary movies then The Gift is perfect. I'm usually an absolute baby when it comes to Horror but this one was a winner for me, go see it! All topped off with me kicking his butt at table air hockey. There's only two things I can beat him on, bowling and table air hockey. 

This dress was another Depop find! It's originally from forever 21, but I think I managed to get for £4. The beautiful blue is so rich and striking it's the perfect alternative to an lbd. This dress is something I throw on and know looks great and makes me feel good. Plus it's nice and loose so it finds my inevitable food baby...

I'll share a secret- I hate buying shoes. There never seems to be any that I like, or fit well. I love shoes, but I just hate shoe shopping. These beauties aren't the most comfortable, my feet are always sore and battered from ballet, but they're so elegant it's worth the ouchy toes. I love the subtle gold detail and the clean cut of the horizontal straps. The heel isn't too high or low, I think they can be worn in so many ways. With a pair of ripped jeans and a plaid shirt when it starts to cool down, you'll see a lot more of these shoes stomping around here!


Thursday, 20 August 2015

Wedding Series 'How He Asked...'

On June 5th my wonderful boyfriend proposed to me! It was the biggest shock of my life, and I was in a daze for a couple of weeks after. Now in the middle of wedding planing madness, as well as being a bridesmaid to one of my best friends next year, I thought it would be a great idea to start a wedding series! I'll share my inspiration, tips, things I buy and take this series along with me in my planning process. To start with, we'll have a good old fashioned fairytale... not really. But I do love a good proposal story.
September will mark our two year anniversary, I feel so blessed each day to have him in my life. He's American, I'm English and we met whilst I was studying abroad at his University, you can read my thoughts and tips on being in a long distance relationship here. Honestly he was one of the first people I met there, through a mutual friend, and I was crazy for him! The first time I saw him we were waiting for the first football game of the season, I turned to my friend and told her how cute he was. Then he came and sat right next to me! Together we're best friends, incredibly similar in many ways but with differences that compliment each other.
June 4th was the day he landed, visiting me for the summer just after his graduation. Near my house is a beautiful reservoir surrounded by walking trails and pockets of woodland. He'd been asking about my favourite places near my house that I hadn't taken him to yet and I described this place as 'magical'. It holds a lot of sentimental memories for me, so he really picked the perfect place. Looking back he told me how daunting it was for him, not being from here and trying to arrange a good proposal!
My mum was in on the plan and had bought a gorgeous picnic blanket, champagne and a really yummy lunch. Under the guise that it was just a cute date to celebrate being together we ventured off to eat our picnic, and in my case get really tipsy from champagne! He'd wrapped my ring in a huge box, to throw me off. Half way through our lunch he told me to tear off the wrapping and close my eyes. He'd been teasing me about this 'gift' for a while- I hate surprises and constantly ask for clues about what my presents are. You can picture the rest- he told me to open them, and there he was on one knee with the ring! Honestly? I freaked out and turned away because I just didn't not believe it. It was a shock, but something I knew I really wanted, and was so so happy.
That's my little story!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

off-the-shoulder gorgeousness

TOP off the shoulder shirt from Topshop | NECKLACE Statement bib necklace, similar here | SKIRT similar ones here and here | SHOES Topshop brown loafers

Don't you just love ruffles and off-the-shoulder pieces? There's something so whimsical and beautifully flattering about tops and dresses that cut off at the shoulders. As a lover of all things American, particularly Southern and preppy style this top is beyond perfection for me. It reminds me of something one of my favourite ever bloggers (Kate from A Lodestar State of Southern
)would wear. The crisp white and soft floaty fabric make it so easy and comfortable to wear when it's hot out.

My necklace was an Easy find, it has to be my favourite statement necklace. The colours are vibrant and electric, making it an instant eye catcher. Paired with this top, it draws the eye in to the décolletage, I felt very girly in this pairing!

Aren't this pictures great? My wonderful finance took them- he's an absolute camera novice! 


Sunday, 16 August 2015

wedding venue viewing

TOP Similar version | TROUSERS similar here and here | BAG I can't find mine anywhere, but I am so in love with this one | SANDALS these beauties would be a good alternative

How perfect are these patterned Michael Kors Trousers? I'm a self confessed Michael Kors fanatic. I have more than a few items in my wardrobe with the famous MK branding. There's something very classic and easy about almost everything they come out with. Surprise surprise, my bag is also Michael Kors. I love the berry colour of the leather, next to the silver hardware it looks so vibrant, perfect for the cooler months. 
I was searching for a pair of the perfect patterned trousers, this pair were a steal from TK Maxx for only £30. This weekend we went to view another wedding venue (we've chosen one! I can't wait to start doing some real planning and pick a final date) and this casual outfit was perfect to wander around in. I love this bright red of my Topshop came against the navy and bright aqua of my trousers and necklace. 
These trousers could be styled a million other ways, they're great for work or play. You'll see a lot more of them on here I'm sure!

Friday, 14 August 2015

pompoms by the sea

KIMONO Floral Kimono Original from Yumi, similar linked (and it's got pompoms!!) | NECKLACE Blue Cascading Gems Sold out, but I linked a similar from Accessorize. | PLAYSUIT Pompom Playsuit I bought this from Depop, so I linked one that's almost identical! | SHOES Tan Heeled Sandals As these were a sale find, I've linked a similar pair.

If it has pompoms on, then chances are I'm going to be obsessed with it. There's something so fun and playful about pompoms, they spruced up this simple playsuit and made it a statement wardrobe piece, with a subtle and classic flair. This outfit was perfect for a day spent visiting family by the beach. The front wrap over detail, and nipped in waist helped the light fabric and loose shape have some femininity and look flattering. Special secret tip for wrap over tops that always seem to be too low cut? Use a safety pin and hide the metal pin in the seam!
I'm a huge lover of Depop, or really anywhere I can steal a great bargain! Bonafide TK Maxx addict over here.... This Playsuit was a steal for only £9. If you're smart and ask the sellers questions you can find some amazing pieces to update your wardrobe!
This tassel style necklace is so sassy, blue is my favourite colour to wear, and I think this is such a versatile statement necklace. It could be worn with anything. 
This sweet floral Kimono was perfect to help keep the sea breeze at bay, but wasn't too heavy in the sun! We've been having some very warm and humid days for England recently. Kimono's are the perfect light cover for the summer months and recently I've fallen in love with them. Keep your eyes peeled because you'll be seeing some of my recent purchases!