Sunday, 16 August 2015

wedding venue viewing

TOP Similar version | TROUSERS similar here and here | BAG I can't find mine anywhere, but I am so in love with this one | SANDALS these beauties would be a good alternative

How perfect are these patterned Michael Kors Trousers? I'm a self confessed Michael Kors fanatic. I have more than a few items in my wardrobe with the famous MK branding. There's something very classic and easy about almost everything they come out with. Surprise surprise, my bag is also Michael Kors. I love the berry colour of the leather, next to the silver hardware it looks so vibrant, perfect for the cooler months. 
I was searching for a pair of the perfect patterned trousers, this pair were a steal from TK Maxx for only £30. This weekend we went to view another wedding venue (we've chosen one! I can't wait to start doing some real planning and pick a final date) and this casual outfit was perfect to wander around in. I love this bright red of my Topshop came against the navy and bright aqua of my trousers and necklace. 
These trousers could be styled a million other ways, they're great for work or play. You'll see a lot more of them on here I'm sure!


  1. I absolutely love this outfit You look really elegant!love the trousers!

  2. The trousers are really nice! I never think to look in the clothes section of TK maxx! Maybe I should next time. Love the colour of the bag too :)

    Meimei xx

  3. Love the outfit hun especially the red, it really suits you

  4. Love your outfit, the trousers are unique and amazing for £30. I also love your MK bag :)


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