Tuesday, 29 September 2015

bow addict

JUMPER Similar
it's totally adorable and darling | JEANS Topshop | SHOES Similar | BAG Louis Vuitton | SUNGLASSES Ray Ban

Another adorable casual outfit from me! My fiance always says it looks 'very english' when I put a collared shirt underneath one of my jumpers! This outfit was super comfortable and effortless for a weekend lazing around, doing a spot of shopping and running errands. It's always the little extra details that pull outfits together- folding over the hem of my jeans, and turning up the sleeves on my jumper, adding my trademark bow (I almost always have a bow in my hair in day to day life, I'm a bow addict).
This jumper is a staple in my wardrobe, it's boxy and light with gorgeous little jewel embellishments. Now I know I lament wearing jeans, I went on about them in my previous casual outfit post. These jeans are super soft and stretchy though! Tiptop never does me wrong in the denim department. They're more legging like than jeans like and I love them.
I just think this outfit looks super put together, but relaxed and effortless at the same time. Does that even make sense? I don't care, I think it's cute! Little bit of prep, little bit of classic British properness. Basically my perfect look. What do you normally wear for a casual and comfortable outfit when you still want to look polished and well dressed?

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

wedding series : yes to the dress

This is indeed a close up of me in my dress!!!!! 
Last weekend, the 12th of September I had booked myself into a boutique not too far from my house and set off with my Mum and her friend in tow to just browse. I can't stress enough how utterly uninterested I was in trying on dresses. There'd been a few fittings here and there that were nothing special and fuelled my disenchantment for dress shopping. Being pretty small, and babyfaced (I get mistaken for a teenager all the time, just a couple days ago a lady though I was sixteen) nothing felt right for me. Trying clothes on in shops is something I avoid, and I'm not a big fan of having my outfit scrutinised. Yes yes, I understand I post outfit pictures but a wedding dress is so much more. It's special and symbolic, and really my only time to actually dress like a real princess.
Driving to the boutique I felt sick and nervous and very self conscious, not at all excited. The bridal shop was so warm and welcoming inside that I instantly felt perked up! The amazing girl that helped me was an angel, she knew exactly what style would suit me and with my weary nod of approval started pulling dress and whisked me off to the fitting room. My dress was the second one I tried on, an instant hit that I could feel was right, before I even saw it. It hugged and shaped all the right places, and turned my petite young looking self, into a mature beautiful looking (princess)bride. 
Another lady there to try on dresses called over how much she loved it and how much it worked with my figure, the designer of the dress was also in the store and she said she loved how it looked on me and had thought it up with someone of my small frame in mind. I'm 5'2, size 8 but curvy. My waist edges towards a six so my figure does look quite exaggerated, but it gets lost more often than not in whatever I'm wearing. This wedding dress though clings and glides perfectly. 
It's a very over the top mermaid shape in a gorgeous antique lace. I'm having a few alterations made to the shape and design but they're a secret!
It was absolute fate that I got this dress- they only made one of each size for all of their dresses. Earlier in the week my size had been returned (clearly a sign right?!!) and was the only size of this dress left. Because it was a return and had some imperfections from where the previous owner had transported it back, they agreed to let me have a new one made. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!
So here it is, my 'yes to the dress' story. From being completely underwhelmed and overly self conscious, to feeling amazingly beautiful and special. Any guesses as to what the rest of the dress looks like and what alterations I'm having made to the design? 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

casual floral

JEANS Topshop | PEPLUM BLOUSE similar here | SPERRYS I like the pink ones
I'm not a huge lover of jeans, these are in fact the only pair I really wear. Topshop has always been my go to for anything that constituted as 'trousers' because they seem to give me the perfect fit. These jeans are perfectly stretchy and short enough for my little legs. I'm coveting another pair in black, though I'm not sure my knees will appreciate being subjected to the cold fall and winter air!
This peplum tunic is a wonderful breezy fabric that is ever so slightly sheer. I love the billowy fit and how easy it is to wear, paired with jeans and a little vest, or thrown over a black body con dress(my favourite way to wear it) it's so relaxed and girly. 
Rarely will I be seen in such a laid back outfit, I'm a firm believer that you can never be underdressed, it's just so nice to relax and have fun with your look from time to time. This outfit is seriously one of my favourites!
Now my shoes... I'll tell you a secret, I think Sperry's are ugly most of the time. Boat shoes do not at all 'float my boat', the love hate relationship I have with them is long standing. As far as flats go, I'd say they're up there in my favourites for comfort. Am I a flat shoe kinda girl? Nope. Being 5'2 and a shoe fanatic, heels are my one true love. There's just something quintessentially preppy and sweet about Sperry's with jeans or leggings and a cute feminine top. 
I hope you liked my little errand running casual outfit! What do you like to wear when you're going for a more relaxed and comfortable look?

Sunday, 13 September 2015

birthday wishlist

THE BLOGGERS PLANNER  Get it here | BOOTS Topshop  | DRESS Lilly Pulitzer | LIPSTICK Mac | NIKE SHOES Gorgeous pink Flynit | PYJAMAS from River Island Top and Shorts | RING Pandora | MONOGRAM NECKLACE Bauble Bar

I turn 22 soon! It feels so strange to say, I feel like I'm only just getting used to being 21, but it's birthday time already. Putting together my birthday wishlist is always fun. Any type of gift is a special surprise, it's such a nice feeling knowing somebody has spent time and taken care to pick out something they think you'll enjoy. Above is my dream presents for this year! It's not a very imaginative list, it's just some bits that I've had my eye on for a while. 
The Bloggers Planner is amazing! You should definitely check it out. I feel like it's a must have for any blogger to help you plan your posts and keep on top or organising your blogging life.  Now that we're facing the cooler fall months I'm in need of some cute little ankle boots, these Topshop ones are beauties!
By now you know I love myself some Lilly Pulitzer, can we take a moment to welcome this gorgeous white dress to my blog... wow! the Gold piping detail speaks to my soul. I'm in love. Somehow this dress will be mine (Lilly need some stores in the UK, I'm desperate for some of their pieces). A girl can always use new lipstick, it's been a long time since I was treated to anything MAC. 
Alongside ballet I really try to keep fit, especially now that I've bought my wedding dress (eye! I'm so excited, no sneak peaks of that though I'm afraid) I want to really concentrate on toning up and staying in good shape. My running shoes have seen better days, some bright Nike running shoes will be such a great motivation. River Island have had the softest, silkiest pyjamas. I love lounging in pretty pyjamas, and getting ready in a pretty little matching set for a special occasion. Love these so much! 
The Pandora ring I wear on my right hand is a daily staple, I never take it off. Another ring to stack on top would look so cute and really balance out my hands, I feel like I need rings on my right hand to even out my engagement ring on my left hand. Monogram EVERYTHING! I live for Monograms! An acrylic three letter would fit into my necklace collection perfectly, I'm just itching to get another monogram necklace.
Is there anything you'd steal from my wishlist and add to your own? 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

how to have the best movie night

This post contains sponsored links from Panasonic.

Having the perfect movie night is something I've perfected and love indulging in. Combining just a few key elements guarantees that your night in will rival any big night out you might have planned. I firmly believe in pampering yourself, and I love at home date nights, what could be better than creating the best move night for yourself?
Too many times I've squinted at my laptop screen with my fiance trying to watch a movie. I dream of getting a 4K TV for our house after we're married to take our movie nights to the next level. Panasonic has some amazing ultra HD TV's that you can see here, imagine how amazing your favourite movie would look! 
Getting cosy is my number one priority, I always get my into my softest pyjamas, surround myself with pillows and snuggle under blankets. On occasion I have been known to go one step further and make a blanket fort, embrace your inner child! Movies are always better in the dark, so to really create an amazing viewing ambiance light some scented candles. My rooms is full of my favourite Bath and Bodyworks candles that smell like heaven and really relax me. 
To really have the best movie night snacks are a must. Give your snacks some extra sparkle and try gourmet popcorn! This recipe for Popcorn espresso macchiato balls is delicious, and takes less than 30 minutes to make. 
Picking a movie can be a real struggle, luckily I’ve found a list of the 100 best movies ever! I’ll be watching my firm favourite The Lucky One next movie night (I’m a sucker for Zefron) what will you be watching?

Friday, 4 September 2015

what's in my ballet bag?

If you're anything like me, then posts like these are your guilty pleasure. I'm such a nosy parker, there's nothing more I love than getting myself a cup of tea, something yummy to eat and sitting down to read a post that lets me peak into somebodies life. Being a ballet obsessive I decided to go against the norm and show you my dance bag!
The actual bag is a tote from Victoria's Secret, they were giving them away if you spent over a certain amount. I have control issues when it comes to Victoria's Secret, I just can't help myself. It fits everything I need perfectly, and I think the stripes are so cute.

The first things in my bag are my dance wear bits and bobs. My school has a navy uniform, which looks so cute with pale pink and I actually really prefer it to black leotards. My skirt is from bloch, to class we have to wear our skirts and leotards, and usually we're not actually allowed warm ups. I do have a pair of pink leg warmers in my bag though. Recently I tore a ligament in my right knee, and I also broke some little bones in my left foot. It's so important to protect these injuries and work to strengthening them, so if the studio is cold I'll wear these to help me warm up at the Barre. These shorts are from Primark, I leave them in my bag to throw on after class to drive home in. 

Next we have my soft shoes, because of the bad foot I'm not wearing shoes with a box on them right now, but I shall be soon! Hurray! I absolutely cannot wait to be back to my normal self. The striped bag I made myself to keep my shoes inside, those things start to smell bad pretty quickly so a little bag is a necessity. Two EOS lip balms, every time I got to visit my fiancé or he visits me I stock up these. They're amazing, everyone needs at least one! The long rubber band looking thing is called a Deuserband. It's really great for stretching for splits and warming up. My trusty water bottle to keep hydrated during and after classes. I also keep my Vera Bradley purse with some spare change and keys inside.

Hair donuts- can't go to class without the perfect bun! Deo for that B.O (haha dancers STINK, don't be fooled by the pretty hair, we get sweaty!) and a stretchy bandage that's there 'just in case' my knee feels weak or starts to act up. I also keep a mini bath and bodyworks hand sanitiser.

Lastly I have my little bag of tricks. This tiny bag is from Juicy Couture, it came with a gift set of perfume I got a couple christmases ago. I keep in here some spare hair ties and bobby pins, a little bow, some blotting paper and paracetamol. Cramps, headaches and sore feet aren't fun to deal with. I've also found plasters are an absolute must, I get so many blisters from my everyday shoes.
If you've ever considered taking a dance class I'd say go for it! Especially as an adult! So many dance schools now offer 'adult' classes, or will include you in their various other classes. I joined as a teenager and fell in love, it's great for mind and body.