Wednesday, 21 October 2015

my oily skin foundation routine

It's been an uphill battle between me and my skin, constantly trying to combat the oil and get a nice even, dewy base. Products made for oily skin usually come with tailgates like 'matte' or 'oil reducing' but I want gorgeous glowing dewy skin! It was exasperating because my foundation would shift throughout the day or disperse across my face. With such amazing Beauty Gurus around to influence and guide my once poor choices, I've stopped trying to battle my oily skin and started to try and work with it. 
This is just my foundation routine, my skincare is a whole other post! I could go on on, I'm a girl obsessed. There's something so special and empowering about feeling good in your own skin.
I'm not going to lie to you, my T Zone (forehead, nose and chin) look like Danny Zuko's hair after maybe... 2 hours of wearing makeup. My skins is super duper oily. With my routine though I gently blot and touch up with a tiny amount of powder around mid day and it stays perfect all day!
For base I have a power couple that help to create a strong oil control base, while illuminating and giving me that gorgeous glow I've been searching for.  Nars Pore Perfecting Primer and Chanel Le Blanc are what dreams are made of. My skin becomes very even, pores look and feel smoothed, and my skin gains a beautiful luminosity. Plus the Chanel base smells divine, sweet and powdery and very nostalgic. If they made it into a perfume I'd absolutely buy it.
Foundation is Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. I find it really build able, although it gives me the perfect coverage with just one layer. I'm not into heavy foundations, they look cakey and unnatural on my skin type, and full to heavy coverage doesn't give me the natural 'inner beauty' glow I'm aiming for. This glides on like a dream, evens out my skin and utterly glows. Throughout the day it doesn't disperse, thin out or go patchy like other foundations I've tried. The oil does come through but that can be blotted away. No touch ups of foundation required, just a dusting of powder along my nose. 
Concealer is MAC Pro Longwear, to be fully honest this is the only thing I'm not utterly raving about. It hides any underage circles I have perfectly and is okay for the odd blemish, but I'm absolutely on the search for something that steals my heart like the rest of these products. It is lovely though!
Then reaching for my other Chanel (I know I know... I'm just not a fan of drugstore base products for my face, they're defeated by my oily skin) Foundation this time the pressed powder. Isn't the package just beautiful? I gently dust this along my nose and forehead, run some under my eyes but leave my cheeks. We're working on a glow here!
Top this all off with a spritz or two of Fix + by MAC and I'm practically perfect in every way! Haha well not quite... but it is a routine I'm loving because it works well with my skin. 
What are some of your tips or routines for oily skin?

Monday, 12 October 2015

september favourites

CONDITIONER here | CHANEL Le Blanc and Vitalumiere Aqua | BOOTS New Look
HAT Topshop | JUMPER Topshop | CARBON MASK Ebay | TRAINERS Nike Free ID

September was a fun old time! My best friend is exactly a week older than me so we had a month of celebrations and birthday shenanigans. I thought it would be nice to do a little round up of some of the things I've been loving this month, who knows you could end up super obsessed like me. 
I touched up my ombre not too long ago to get some of the brassy tone out, and wanted a really rich and nourishing blonde hair conditioner. This Toni & Guy one is amazing, it smells beautiful and glides on almost like a mask. My hair is left really soft and it's helping to tame the damage done by bleaching. 
Chanel! Oh Chanel! I was always interested in the Vitalumiere Aqua, especially as I have oily skin, I was incredibly curious as to whether this would suit me ad help combat the oil. Oh lordy lordy boy is this a match made in heaven. The Le Blanc base and Vitalumiere Aqua give me a dewy bright glow, but give me a long-lasting foundation that I only need to briefly touch up. it doesn't move or disperse like other foundations and I'm obsessed. I've been on a huge mission to gain control over my skin and find a routine that works, I can post about it if people are interested because I've found something that really works. 
New Look have had some gorgeous shoes and boots in this past month, I picked these up a couple of weeks ago. In person the heel is around 3-3 1/2 inches, but they're so comfortable! I love these, they're definitely my boots for this season. Black boots have always been my go to, but I really like these as an alternative. 
Autumn means floppy hats, need I say more? Recently I've picked up two, they're just perfect for the crisp months. I love the mystery and playfulness they can add to outfits, absolutely go and grab one for yourself. Style is always about having fun, thats what these hats bring for me! Lots of fun and an interesting element to a very simple outfit. I love wearing hats with the two casual outfits I've posted about! Read those here and here.
For the exact same reason I've been loving polo necks, and funnel necks. The weather isn't cold yet, but it is chilly. I think polo and funnel neck jumpers are so darling and classy, they're incredibly simple but chic. Absolutely love them right now! Primark have some gorgeous ones for really great low prices, I must have one in every colour they do.
As I mentioned earlier, I've been on a real mission to get my skin to work for me. I saw this carbon mask on youtube via the gorgeous Emily Canham. Once a week is about how often I do this, but it works really well at pulling out the built up oil in my pores without damaging them. For a brilliant £8, it give amazing results and bang for your buck. 
Finally, Mr.P got me some Nike Free ID shoes for my birthday, in a gorgeous mint and pink. The above picture is the closest to my own pair I could find. You all know how much I adore Ballet, but I also love going to the gym! I go after work, it really helps de-stress and gives me some much needed time to myself. About 4 months ago I tore a ligament in my right knee, and a couple of weeks ago broke my big toe! Having good supportive and comfortable gym shoes is so important to maintain the health of my injuries. These shoes are AMAZING. He also monogrammed them so you know.... he's definitely a keeper. Love these. 
Let me know if you've tried any of these or if you'll be trying them!