Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Yourtotes review

I was recently contacted by the lovely James at YourTotes to try a free months subscription and review their service. From the get go I was super interested and excited to give it a go, I'd never heard of anything quite like this. I'd heard of rental services, but never monthly subscription for clothes! 
The concept is, you pay your monthly subscription of £39.99 and make a little wishlist of clothes. These get sent out to you and are yours to borrow for as long as you like, before returning them to swap for something else! I'll be super honest, to begin with I did think 'Hmmm £40 and I don't get to keep them?' but then I received my first beautifully wrapped package with three gorgeous dresses inside. What is quite exciting, is that if you really love one of the clothing items, you can buy it! So it's like a try and wear before you buy!

It just so happens that this first package arriving coincided with my birthday weekend, I had two dinners planned and both were very special occasions for me. Now girls... how many times do you buy an outfit for a dinner, night out, or get together and then just leave it in your wardrobe? If you're like me, then you like to wear something new when you have a bit of an excuse to get slammed up. Thats when I discovered the beauty of YourTotes. You wear the dress, feel beautiful and special but then swap it out for a cute little playsuit to wear next weekend when you go out with your friends...
Such a genius idea!

The website is really well laid out, with an easy to navigate service. The variety of clothes is more focused towards dresses and playsuits/jumpsuits, and is great if you're looking for something to wear that's a little bit more special. I also think it's a great way to try out new styles! My only downside is that I wish the variety of clothes was bigger, not that it isn't already really good! As the company grows and goes from strength to strength, their variety will of course grow with them!

The delivery was amazingly fast, your clothes come wrapped in beautiful tissue paper and sealed in a white box. It does feel very special receiving them.

Returning the clothes is also really easy, you simply write your name and address on the flap of the envelope, put your clothes inside and pop the pre-address and paid envelope into the postbox!

The quality of each dress I tried was incredible, I've shared my very favourite with you. I wore it for my birthday, and was so in love with the quality and how beautiful it was. I really recommend this service as something new, fun and exciting to try. Do I think it's worth it? Definitely, everyone should try this.

To take a look and sign up, check out the Yourtotes Website. 

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