Hello and welcome to The British Belle! My name is Deanna and I'm a 22 year old History graduate. I'm a British born girl with an American heart, currently I live in the North of England, travelling to the States as often as possible to visit my Fiancé. I see life as one big adventure, I love to travel and try new things as much as possible. Ballet is one of my joys, I love to dance and the beauty and grace of Ballet makes me so happy. Crafting is also a huge passion of mine, ever since I discovered Pinterest my crafting compulsions have gone into overdrive.
Recently engaged, I have my wedding to plan!
I have a love of classic British style and mannerisms, mixed with American prep and charm.
Any questions? Ask away!

FAQ + Disclaimer-

Items marked with a *
Sometimes I receive items to review. These items have been sent to me by a company for the sole purpose of trying them, forming an opinion and writing that opinion on my blog. These items are not paid for with my own money, and I always label them with * and state in the post that they were received as items to review. Despite this I will always give my absolute honest opinion, telling you the good the bad and the ugly! I really value my readers and believe honesty is the best policy when reviewing so that you get a genuine and real experience.

Sponsored posts
Sometimes I receive payment to write or host a post on my blog, wherein an advertisement is being made. I will always clearly state in the post that it is sponsored content. The posts will only ever be ones that I believe are relevant to my blog and readers and I will never hide or deceive by undisclosing links or products.

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